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The Master Fencing Academy is a place where people of all ages and backgrounds congregate to hone life skills through the ancient discipline of Olympic Sabre fencing. The art of fencing teaches and develops quintessential skills such as critical thinking, emotional control, stress resistance, self control, sportsmanship, problem solving skills, courage, and performing under pressure. Additionally, fencers improve personal qualities such as honorable behavior, winning and losing graciously as well as emotional, mental, and physical reaction time, and teamwork (through teamwork building exercises even though fencing is a 1-on-1 event). Fencing is also a great workout that results in a lean, muscular physique, and Coach Michael has had students lose 50 or more pounds from fencing alone (of course they fenced for hours every day!). Overall, fencing is something people have done for as long as anyone can remember, it's a part of humanity's shared cultural experience, and as such this tradition has had historical, cultural contributions from all parts of the world including France, Germany, Russia, Mongolia, and Egypt.

The Academy's Head Coach, Michael Cravey has 15 years of coaching experience and has coached all over Texas and in other parts of the US also. He is nationally certified by the United States Fencing Association. His past students have been presented with many top ranking medals from recreational, regional, area, and state competitions. He has even coached fencers who were awarded national fencing ratings high enough to qualify for college scholarships associated with both NCAA and non-NCAA schools. Please consider signing up for our elite fencing program and come hungry to work and fence hard! Thank you for your time and consideration.

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